Why our minds are in gridlock

"If you can't walk with it, it doesn't exist..."

We all know too much, have too many options, receive too much information, and really... it's bottlenecked up in our heads just wanting to at least be

Out of all the people and places I've taught. I've noticed 2 things. 

  1. There's no shortage of people wanting to teach you to "GO HARD" or "FIGHT HARD"... which is probably why your knees, shoulders, and backs hurt right now.
  2. There's an extreme shortage of principles to take what you have learned and integrate it into your own life, lense, and ideas. Practical imagination is so important to this work, and oftentimes students are afraid that they are changing something, or disrespecting their teachers or systems by adapting it. No, you are not unless you're just trying to be disrespectful. Most freethinkers in "tribal" style groups aren't embraced at first (Bruce Lee comes to mind, Jimi Hendrix, etc...), but the tribe will get over it, they always do, so... there's that. Just make sure you keep it simple, respectful, and practical. Be creative with how you practice, it's your practice.  Own it.

I accidentally ended up with a career in this work by teaching little sequences to practice in order to balance out our "other stuff." As well as, showing little sequences I did to illustrate how and why we are doing certain techniques or poses. That's it. I wasn't teaching martial arts or yoga I was simply answering the questions,

"Hey man, how did you figure that out?" 

& "Why are you not in pain?"

Example: Jujitsu players needed to open up and get their fast-twitch and balance cuz they're always laying down and in a ball. Yogis needed strength, cardio and to pull more. 





Then, I figured that, out of all the people standing in line to teach a technique or a choke, or to show a hand balance. I was gonna be there to help them make their necks stronger, or have the awareness to say, "I can't do a push-up, so I might wanna hold out on that handstand right now." 

And wouldn't you know it... I would go to gatherings, and folks would LINE UP!!! Even the people teaching the other seminars or from other schools. They were good at what they did, but they were also in pain a lot of the time.

So now I decided that since I have students all over the world, and I'm constantly sending videos to them, then... 20 years later. I realized that there's this internet thing, and I can just send you all to one place. 

Thanks for reading this far. Spread the word, tell your friends, and take a course. Y'all have been smashing it!!! Hope this content helps too... for reals. 


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