How a Rockumentary Exposed a true study in Enlightenment In America

Picture in your mind the image of an enlightened person. What do you see? 


 I invite you to watch this study in true modern enlightenment. It comes packaged as a Documentary of one of the most shredding guitarists to ever live. JASON BECKER. 

When it comes to letting go, this is a man that was at the top of his game, and didn't let things go, they were taken from him by ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) in the peak of his first big break. Then he... well... you should watch the doc. Watch his community, watch his power, his joy, his State of Being. 

I have no part or stake in this movie, however, I do know many of the people in his community, and that's why I watched it. It's hard to look past the obvious points in this film to see the poetry that is, a study in true enlightenment. 

"Shredder" music can be an acquired taste. It's a lot, and made for super geniuses. I am quite the lover of metal, rock, huge walls of guitars, and that was even my job for over a decade. I LOOOVE rock bands, I love music docs, so this movie ticks all the boxes. Hope you enjoy it, and I hope you engage with Jason on his website, or share this with your friends. 


He even put out a new album last year, with the help of some really interesting tech, using his eye movements as sort of a mouse and composed an album. You can check out his new video where almost every legendary guitarist alive today performs on it... holy crap! check that out at the bottom of this post.

Remember, yoga teaches us to let things go and be ok... Martial arts teaches us that sometimes things are taken from us, and with proper mindset, we will be ok. Hope your staying healthy and safe in this time of change. 

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